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Our Services

When it comes to our services, you will find a wide range of mortgage products that we have to offer. These include:

First-time buyer mortgage

Purchasing a household property for the first time can be a daunting task and our experts are there to offer a suitable piece of advice to you in making sure you invest in something fruitful. It is recommended that you schedule a free planning meeting to discuss the maximum mortgage amount, the monthly cost of it, and what could be the maximum purchase price of the property. As your mortgage advisor, our experts will analyse what you should expect from the investment and answer all your queries while highlighting the points they think you need to be aware of.


Though mortgages are normally taken out in every 25 to 30 year period, you may remortgage your property every two years during the mortgage during those 2-3 decades. This can be done to crack the best deals available at a particular point in time. For example, if you consider remortgaging every two years, you can do so at least 12 times in a 25-year mortgage. Hence, our advisers have made mortgage renewal in London as easy as it was never before.

Buy to let mortgage

If you wish to invest in buying your residential property to rent it out to tenants and generate a monthly income through it, it is referred to as buy to let. This is done by many UK homeowners as they get significant relaxation in the tax. The landlords choosing to make an investment in the private rented sector have been made eligible for tax breaks, according to the law formulated under the Labour Government in the 1990s. As per this regulation, the landlords reserved the right to claim tax relief at the same rate at which they paid income tax against the mortgage interest.

Bad Credit mortgage

In case you have a bad credit score and your mortgage application has been declined, we are there to help you. Even if you have adverse credit mortgage in London, our expert brokers can help you. In fact, if you have an unusual property or non-standard income, which tends to be the reason behind your difficulties in obtaining the desired mortgage deal, our experts can still help you. Connect with them and get guided on the best bad credit mortgage loans in London.

Mortgage for Expats

It’s time-consuming to buy a property in the UK and when it’s the currency other than the UK sterling, the process is even longer. Our advisers help British expats in securing reasonable rates and make the mortgaging process easy and convenient for then as they do not possess a permanent UK address.

Self-build mortgage

Instead of buying a new house, if you are planning to get it self-built, there is a separate mortgage plan that doesn’t fall under the residential mortgage scheme. The money in this case is released in stages as per the progress in the construction work.

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