Remortgaging is when you switch from one mortgage deal to another. You can do this with the same mortgage lender (also a product transfer) or with a different lender. As a result, your property value may be greater than the remaining balance on your mortgage (also known as equity), which may allow you to Remortgage and raise funds for other purposes.

Whether you have a residential property or buying a mortgage to rent, it's always a good idea to shop after you've closed a deal. But, again, reviews are a good idea, as many things can change depending on prices and personal circumstances while you are trading. 

At 1st choice Mortgages, look across the market and current lenders to find the best remortgage deals in the future. Yes, being with the existing lender seems like the easiest option, but it may not be the best. Therefore, if this turns out to be the best, we recommend it, but shopping at the end of each transaction can save you a lot of money during your mortgage.

You can use our remortgage calculator.

Mortgage repayments can be an excellent opportunity to consider remodeling your home, adding extra loans for debt consolidation, and even shortening or extending your mortgage term. However, it is the best time to change, as there is no exit penalty for changing the lender at the end of the transaction. You can evaluate affordability and find the right lender to meet your needs.

Our mortgage calculators and tools are designed in such a way that they'll make your job easier. They give you an idea of ​​the amount you can borrow and how changes in your mortgage will affect your repayment. Your home is at risk if you fail to repay your mortgage or any other mortgage-backed loan.

With the help of a mortgage calculator, you can find out:

  • How much can you borrow.?

Discover how much you can borrow based on your income. 

  • Repayment Calculator

Search out what your mortgage is.? Then make payment. 

  • Stamp Duty calculator

Discover how much you can save Recent Changes in Stamp Duty. 

  • Overpayment Calculator

Discover How Much You Can Save to Overpay your mortgage. 

  • Best Rate calculator

 Determine how the Bank of England's base interest rate changes affect mortgage payments.


Various reasons for remortgaging

  • Lower Interests rate

Lenders always offer various mortgage offers. If you qualify for any of these offers, you can choose a mortgage to get lower interest rates and cheaper monthly payments.

  • Property Financing

 Therefore, if you're interested in property financing and have integrity in your residential property, you are entitled to upraise some funds through a remortgage.

  • Monthly Reimbursement

 Monthly repayments consist of two segments: principal and interest. We repay a small portion of the borrowed amount and the interest rate every month. At the end of the period, if you made all the payments accordingly, you would have repaid your mortgage in full, then it is good. However, if you fail to repay, this can result in the loss of your home.

  • Home Improvements

 Suppose you renovate your home or perhaps want to build augmentation to expand your house. Then, you are eligible to elevate some money from your property instead of a large credit card balance or personal loan.

  • Centralize Debt

If you have a large amount of unpaid loan debt, for example, if you have a large credit card balance, a due personal loan, or an installment purchase, you can refinance your house and centralize that debt. 


Need for Remortgaging

Whether you have a fixed-rate mortgage, tracker mortgage, or other discount rate types, your mortgage may be priced at a special rate for a limited period. Typical examples are a two-year fixed-rate mortgage or a three-year tracker mortgage. At the end of the fixed period, mortgage holders will choose a new transaction. Otherwise, the mortgage will revert to the lender's default floating rate. As a result, it is usually significantly higher than fixed transactions.

The debt restructuring costing depends upon the amount of credit required, the type of mortgage (such as payment of principal and interest), the agreed interest rate, and the loan length over a long period (the so-called loan term). And the fee charged at setup. Our mortgage calculator can help you get a better idea of ​​how much your mortgage will cost you on a monthly payment and how much you can borrow. In addition, when interest is added, the total cost of the mortgage is also displayed. 

You may be able to reschedule your debt if you have bad credit, but you are unlikely to get the highest rate available from the lender. So instead, get a free copy of your credit file to see if you have the opportunity to improve your credit score. 

Therefore, when you compare remortgaging deals through 1st Choice Mortgage, you can view mortgages that are likely to qualify without compromising your credit score. It is because we can execute good research on your credit file when looking for a new mortgage transaction with a lender.



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